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Brut - Rosé - Raspberry - Kentish

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Brut 2016

‘Méthod Champenoise’

Tasting Notes -

Aromatics of elderflower, brioche and green apples.

Crisp with a light acidity and a slight earthiness coming through on the palate. smooth with a rounded finish and a long lasting mousse.

Food Pairings

Poultry and white meat

Seafood and pasta

Cheeses and desserts

Serve between 8 – 10 degrees | Gluten Free & Vegan

75cl Bottle £13.50

Rosé 2017

‘Méthod Champenoise’

Tasting Notes - 

A touch of pinot noir creates aromatics of wild strawberry and hedgerow berries with a hint of floral rosehip. This delicate sparkling rosé cider has a smooth rounded finish with a touch of baked apple.

Food Pairings - 

Fish and duck

Red fruits Desserts

Serve between 8-10 degrees l Gluten Free & Vegan

The finest bottle-fermented 'cyder' in the UK.

Matthew Jukes - Daily Mail

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75cl Bottle £14.95

Gospel Green Limited Edition


Two tasty treats to whet the appetite.  Our Raspberry is a sophisticated and delicate cider with a hint of fruit, whilst the Kentish is a dry and complex sparkler.  Both limited in quantity, but plentiful in taste!